Sunday, September 04, 2005

South Park boys?

Ya GOTTA love the South Park Boys;
offending EVERY sensibility they can get their hands on.

I hate to say I have a slight crush on Trey Parker; check him out in rubber in Orgazmo: beautiful boy...

Which brings me neatly(?) onto this link which is Matt Stone's character (I think he's the Dave the lighting guy) espousing his totally straight credibilities and 'offering advice' in the little known (and not so vastly underrated) Orgazmo.

Sex advice for the needy

I can't help but love it when there are such choice lines as 'soul-soliciting pig-fuckers' and more too numerous to list here without detracting from the film's appeal.
Ah! If my 'friends' could see me now...

They'd prolly guess that I'd been drinkin.


crybabyzero said...

Yeah I did guess that

Whoozee said...

You don't know me.