Friday, September 23, 2005

I'm going to Barbados

Not that I'm ginger or anything... I'm actually a stunning golden blonde...
but the ginger gene is in me (bloody Scottish mother!) and as such I suffer:

The gene that came in from the cold

There was also this odd little story this week which only caught my attention because of the headline:

Web used to capture dangerous spider('s identity)

I can only hope she was a broadband customer...

Another headline I couldn't ignore:

Military in the gays

Best one I ever saw was one year (on a pride march) four queens with big hats and a sign saying 'Gays in the Millinery'

this story I noticed through sheer curiosity i.e. I wondered how many new readers it would con into thinking I was blogging anything worthwhile:

Google blog search

This next story I noticed because I am so concerned with offending people:

Handbook if yer bovvered

and this I noticed because I wondered if I could emulate anything like his success:

Jammy little shit.

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