Sunday, September 11, 2005


You can no longer catch the new video for Starsailor's new tune here:

In the Crossfire

so don't bother trying...


have changed their website all around AGAIN and they do insist on people registering and logging in and it's one huge inconvenient pain the fucken ass... but if you want to watch music videos online or hear albums before they have been released then you like me will register and login every fucken time.

You can however still catch the audio for the Starsailor track that was linked to above at NME's website and they do now have Bloc Party's new video which is pretty cool (can't wait for their remix album to hit the shops) only the new and 'improved' NME website has a media player that doesn't, play any kind of media that is... it has a small disclaimer underneath it saying it will be available soon!!!

Bunch of rank fucken amateurs running the site by the looks of things then... who in their right minds? I mean knowing you are about to overhaul your website and that the media player is a pretty heavily used piece of your website then why would you implement the new website without the features that people regularly used on the old website?

fucken rubbish.

Ok it's up and running now but still only the audio for this tune...


you can also catch the video for the fabulous Arcade fire

and I imagine this was pretty special: Wish I was there.

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