Tuesday, September 13, 2005

T.V. Go Home

Glad to see this site is still going...
thought I would check it out after being thouroghly disappointed at the inexplicable demise of pinstruck.com,

T.V. Go Home

Dunno if any of you are familiar with the Channel 4 programme Nathan Barley but it started on this website as a T.V. programme called Cunt.

And it is beyond fabulous... the website that is.

This particular issue has some delights, in particular Medieval Coronation Street in which Les (one presumes Battersby) is run through with a pitchfork after being caught sodmising a pig in the forest... and buboes?? answers on a postcard please.

Lovin it.

Go Figure.


crybabyzero said...

The guys angry as fuck. The fustrations of a lack of creative talent can lead to peurile vulgarisms. My advice is not to watch teevee ever again that way it doesn't matter if its ful of shit unless you actually care that other less knowing people might be watching drivel and turning into unthinking zombies. Personally I'm content knowing that the same amount of idiots are present now as they were in the past and as they will be in the future. Leave them to it. Help in other ways. Be nice and kind for instance. Try to find laughter in more than mere derision.

Whoozee said...

Ok Mr. Kindness and never take the piss out of anybody... good for you.